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Move Money to All Corners of the World

Discover why businesses choose MUDA to send money across borders.

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DeFi, NFT &

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Leveraging the Blockchain

01. DeFi Platform

Muda is developing various DeFi products that will provide liquidity to the massive global P2P marketplace, power remittances to emerging markets and enable global investors to tap into the rapidly growing Microfinance industry through asset backed financing on the blockchain. 

02. NFT Engine

Muda will enable NFT development and staking in order to enable our users to generate value from their assets. 

03. OTC & Crypto Exchange

Muda Operates a leading OTC desk that provids crucial liquidity to the East African Marketplace supporting P2P traders with more than $2 million in daily volume. 

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Uganda National Museum NFT project 

We are working with the National Museum of Uganda to create and launch a unique NFT collection of some of the most compelling artefacts found at the Museum. These NFTs shall be made available through the soon launching Binance NFT marketplace. 

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Liquidity API with the CELO Foundation

Murcom and Celo signed a partnership to build an enterprise API that will enable businesses to easily interact with the CELO network. The API will also act as a liquidity rail to power the global fintech sector and enable them to realise the benefits of blockchain technology.  

The deal room is a crypto OTC service that aims to provide liquidity and market making services to the P2P marketplace within the African continent. The OTC desk currently has the capacity to provide north of $2 million a day in liquidity across several currency pairs. Visit now

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